Sofiia Manousha

Laila - Sofiia Manousha

Laila is a young unemployed Moroccan IT professional, who leaves her country to work as a seasonal farm worker in Belgium.
She is the exact opposite of a young woman who submits to tradition. She is cultivated and attractive, and has a lively sense of repartee. She is a bit of a rebel and is not afraid to say what she thinks! She has guts and likes to take initiatives.


Sofia Manouche is a French actress who came to notice in 2012 for her role in Le Noir (te) vous va si bien by Jacques Bral. She received the Best actress award for this role at the Agadir film festival. She was also preselected for the César award for Best Up-And-Coming Actress.

Benjamin Ramon

Thibaut - Benjamin Ramon

Thibaut is 30 and works on André’s small apple farm. His boss (André) got him out of trouble at a time when he was beginning to go astray and has given him some training. Thibault now looks after the day to day organisation of the workers. He will find it hard to resist Laila’s charms…


Benjamin Ramon is a Belgian actor who was noticed alongside Matthias Schoenaerts in a short film nominated for the Oscar awards, “Death of a Shadow” by Tom Van Avermaet (2013).
This promising young actor has appeared in over a dozen feature films (Etre, Vanitas, Tokyo anyway…) including a role in “Je m’appelle Elisabeth” by J-P Améris, which earned him a selection for Best Up-And-Coming Actor César award.

Hande Kodja

Julie - Hande Kodja

Julie is Belgian. She has had no education. After a stormy start in life, she gave birth to a little girl. She is abandoned by the father of her daughter, with whom she never got on well. At the age of 35 she entrusts her daughter to her mother’s care and decides to get a seasonal job to become eligible for social benefits. She is tenacious and ready to do anything to be able to provide for her daughter.


Hande Kodja made her debut in the 7th art with a role in “Meurtrières” (Patrick Granperret). This Belgian actress was noticed at Cannes where the film was selected in the category ‘Un certain Regard’ (for innovative and daring films).
A few years later she was nominated for Best Up-And-Coming Actress at the Magritte festival for her role in “Marieke Marieke” by Sophie Schoukens.
Hande Kodja has also appeared alongside Monica Belluci, in the comedy “Des gens qui s'embrassent” (Danièle Thomson) and a drama, “Rosenn”, by the Belgian director, Yvan Le Moine.

Nadege Ouedraogo

Fatou - Nadège Ouédraogo

Fatou has been working as a fruit picker on André’s farm for several years. She comes back each year and bears the conditions of this type of contract without complaint because back home the money is sorely needed. Hardworking and stubborn, in her heart of hearts she knows the situation is not fair.


The singer and actress Nadège Ouédrago comes from Burkina Faso. In 2011, she appeared in a 52-episode television series, “Les Concessions”, and in early 2012, she did a 3-month tour with the play “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, directed by Hendrik Aerts (Bleeding Bulls), involving 43 performances in Burkina Faso, Holland, and Belgium.
Since then, she has been putting her talents –the unique timbre of her voice, her mastery of Burkinabe traditional dances – to work on various theatrical and audiovisual projects in France, Belgium and Burkina Faso.

Benoit Vandorslaer

André - Benoit Vandorslaer

André (50), is a force of nature. He is a man of the earth, well established on his family’s land. His parents were farmers. He puts a lot of passion and work into the running of his small fruit farm.
Like all farmers, he finds himself in a strangle hold of spiralling loans, the falling price of apples, and competition from imported produce. The seasonal fruit pickers’ contracts are a godsend for him and his colleagues.
André is a man to be reckoned with. Sometimes he behaves in a paternalist manner towards his fruit pickers, yet doesn’t hesitate to bawl them out when he starts to feel the heat.


Benoit Vandorslaer is a Belgian actor and director. He has a great deal of experience directing for the stage and is now devoting himself to cinema. He has appeared alongside Thierry Lhermitte in “Sans Rancune!” by André Mommaerts.

Raphaëlle Bruneau

Françoise - Raphaëlle Bruneau

Being farmer's wife, is also live at the heart of the farm, do the daily management, participate to challenges, crises ... be a psychological support to men, sometimes close to suicide. Françoise, wife of André and mother of their daughter Capucine, will be at the forefront of André’s casualization and of the fight for the survival of the farm.


17 year old, Raphaëlle enters at the Royal Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Brussels, and won the First Prize. Then she plays in many theatres. For "Saint Joan of the Stockyards" from Brecht, she received the Theatre Award Young Promising Actress. In the cinema field she plays for « Chacun pour soi" by Bruno Bontzolakis, "Private Property" and "White Knights" by Joachim Lafosse, "Illegal" by Olivier Masset-Depasse. She plays in 111 episodes of the TV series "PJ" plays in "Avocats et associés", "Alice Nevers" and other French TV movies. In Belgium she plays in two seasons of "Melting pot coffee" TV series and in two seasons of "A tord ou à raison."

Omar Lotfi

Malik - Omar Lotfi

Malik (27) is Laila’s boyfriend in Morocco. Like her, he is fighting alongside young unemployed people for a better life in his own country. It breaks his heart to see Laila leave, but he understands her reasons. He agrees to look after her parents.


Omar Lofti is a young actor from Morocco. He received Best Actor awards at several festivals including Tangier and Dubai.
Moving back and forth between Morocco and Belgium, he has appeared in nearly twenty full-length feature films including Casanegra, Love in the Medina, and L'enfant Cheikh.

Khalid Jamai

Hamid - Khalid Jamaï

Hamid is Laila’s father. He belongs to the older generation that lived through the terrible oppression under Hassan II.
His years in prison have left him exhausted and empty but his mind is still free. Secretly, he is happy to see his daughter taking up the good fight. He feels Moroccan society is on the move. Nevertheless, he does not wish his daughter to suffer as he did.


Khalid Jamai is a Moroccan writer and journalist of international repute.

Fatima Harandi

Fatima - Fatima Harandi

Fatima is Laila’s mother. She does not understand the path her daughter has chosen. She is frightened for her.


Fatima Harandi is a well-known Moroccan actress. She discovered the cinema in the 90s through Mohamed El Abbazi, who gave her a role in his film “Les trésors de l’Atlas”. Since then, she has appeared in numerous films including “Histoire d’une rose” by Mjid Rchiche, “Les lèvres du silence” and “Le pote” by Hassan Benjelloun, “Mouna Saber” by Abdelhay Laaraki, “Soif” by Saâd Chraïbi, “Mémoire en détention” by Jillali Ferhati and “Casa-Negra” by Nour Eddine Lakhmari. In 2004, Fatima Harandi received the Best Actress award at the Festival national du film marocain for her role in the film “Les yeux secs” by Narjis Nejjar. Fatima Harandi has also appeared in foreign films such as “And Now Ladies And Gentlemen” by Claude Lelouch, “Djinns” by Hugues Martin, as well as “Les moines” and “Des hommes et des dieux” by Xavier Beauvois